How to Disable WordPress Post Revisions

Disable Wordpress Post Revisions

Post revisions feature in WordPress can take up a lot of database space and slow down your site. However, you can easily disable WordPress post revisions or limit or limit them to […]

How to Backup WordPress Database


Making a regular backup of Wordpress database is a recommended security measure that can help you get back your website in no time in case something goes wrong and you end up damaging your Wordpress […]

How to Recover PDF File Password

Recover PDF password

There are programs on the internet that can unlock protected PDF files. However, there might be occasions where you may want to recover the lost PDF file password and not just unlock the file. We […]

How to Try Android Apps Before Buying

Android twins

There are times when we come across somewhat expensive Android apps on Google Play that appear interesting and wonder why Google does not allow to try Android apps before buying them. For […]

How to Edit PDF Files With Free Tools

pdf file

While Microsoft Word and Excel are popular tools for creating documents, PDF remains the most preferred format for document delivery and distribution due to following reasons. PDF documents can be opened on any […]

Genesis Theme Review | Easy Web Design Solution


Genesis Theme Review focusing on key features that can take your site to the next level. Genesis is currently the most popular Premim WordPress Theme, considering the number of users and high profile websites using […]

Thesis Theme 2.0 – End of Free Upgrades

chris pearson|thesis 2.0 release date

Going by Chris Pearson’s interview with Vanessa Zamora at PubCon 2011, Thesis 2.0 should be releasing anytime soon. Further confirming the imminent release of Thesis 2.0 are these teasers (?) that have started […]

Thesis Theme 2.0 – Features and Release Date


Thesis Theme 2.0 appears to be generating a renewed anticipation about its impending release date and features. I have come across blog posts on the subject, yet again advising users to buy Thesis Theme before the […]