Kindle Comparison | Paperwhite, Keyboard (DX) & Others

Landing on Amazon’s Kindle page can be a confounding experience, a typical visitor is expected to choose an e-reader from a mind-boggling variety of Kindle models.

  • Base Kindle WiFi (2 choices), Kindle Keyboard (1 choice)
  • Kindle DX (1 choice), Kindle Paperwhite – 4 choices
  • Kindle Fire (8 Choices) – See Kindle Fire Comparison in case you are looking for a tabletkindle comparison - kindle-paperwhite-girl

This Kindle Comparison with detailed comparison tables and discussion on Kindle Models is designed to help you make an informed decision on which Kindle really to buy.

Kindle Comparison Table

FeaturesKindleKindle DXPaperwhite
Product Imagekindle comparison - kindle4kindle-dx-3gkindle-comparison - Kindle Paperwhite image
Size6.5″ x 4.5″10.4″ x 7.2″6.7″ x 4.6″
Weight5.98 Ounces18.9 Ounces7.5 Ounces
DisplayE-ink PearlE-ink PearlPaperwhite
Resolution167 PPI150 PPI212 PPI
Storage1,400 Books3,000 Books1,100 Books
Cloud StorageFreeFreeFree
Battery Life1 Month3 Weeks2 Months
NetworkWiFiWiFi & 3GWiFi & 3G
Music/Audio booksNoSupportedNo
Price*$69 ~ 89$199 ~ $239$119 ~ $199
*Current Prices May Vary.


Kindle Tablet or Kindle eReader?

The first thing that you need to decide is whether you need a tablet or an e-reader. The way to figure this out is to track where most of your free time is spent and what really gets you going.

You definitely need a Kindle e-reader in case you are most likely to read books in your free time, and count reading as an activity that is exciting, relaxing and fulfilling.

While you certainly can read books on tablets, a dedicated e-reader allows you to read books for hours without experiencing the eye strain associated with LCD screens of tablets. (See Kindle Fire Comparison in case you are considering a tablet)

Kindle 3G or WiFi?

There is practically no difference between Kindle 3G and Wifi models in terms of hardware, the only difference between the two is in how they connect to the Internet (via 3G or WiFi network).

It makes all the $$$-sense to go for the WiFi model of Kindle, considering that you are likely to have a WiFi network at home for downloading books from Amazon.

However, you may like to go for Kindle 3G models in case you agree with the following

  • Why not make use of the Free 3G service (Amazon pays for it!)
  • Global availability of Kindle 3G in over 100 countries is really impressive.
  • You travel frequently and do not want to be bothered with having to hunt for a WiFi hotspot.
  • Kindle 3G is handy for checking email, twitter and Facebook updates.

Kindle with Ads or Kindle Without Ads?

The price difference between Kindle with ‘Ads’ and one without ‘Ads’ is just $20, which means you can simply choose to go for Kindle without ‘Ads’ in case you feel that you do not want to be bothered with ‘Ads’.

However, going for ‘Ad’ supported version of Kindle does not really hurt at all. Kindle ‘Ads’ are totally non-bothering type and do not interfere with your reading. Also, Amazon lets you switch to Kindle without Ads at any time you decide to get rid of ‘Ads’ on your Kindle .

Regular Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is the latest addition to Amazon’s Kindle Family. It brings the built-in lighted screen to Kindle eReaders, a feature that was so far missing in Kindle and available in rival Nook.

As Amazon emphasizes on its website, Kindle Paperwhite is much more than just a lighted screen. It is totally new screen design that claims to offer 62% more pixels and 25% better contrast over the existing models.

kindle comparison - kindle-paperwhite-girl

Kindle Comparison – Selecting the Best Kindle

Once you have figured out these common Kindle buyers questions, the final step is to decide on the model of Kindle.

Our Kindle Comparison table (see above) arranged in a head to head specs and features comparison format should help you choose the best Kindle model that fits your own unique requirements and budget.


The base model of $69 Kindle is an excellent choice for getting your kids started on reading books. It also makes a great choice as a gift item.

Kindle DX with its large 9.7″ screen and Free 3G connectivity is suited for reading newspapers and magazines. It also makes a good choice for educational use – reading textbooks, viewing maps, graphs and organized data.

Kindle Paperwhite brings the latest in eReader technology, has the best display and is easy to use due to its touch screen interface.