Canon T3i vs T4i Comparison

Wondering whether to buy the highly successful Canon T3i or its newer version Canon T4iOur in-depth Canon T3i vs T4i comparison table should help you compare features and specifications of both models.

As it happens with new a release, the previous model (Canon T3i) has gone down in price and new model (Canon T4i) is selling at a higher price due to enhancements and new

So which one to buy?

First, you need to take a look at our our side-by-side Canon T3i vs T4i comparison chart, in order to become familiar with features and specs of the two models.

Later on we will be getting into details of what has changed in the new model and what this really means to the end user.

 Canon T3i vs T4i comparison Chart

Features & SpecsCanon T3iCanon T4i
 ImageCanon-t3i-vs-t4i - EOS Rebel T3i image canon-t3i-vs-t4i - canon EOS Rebel t4i image
Size5.2×3.9×3.1 inches 5.2×3.9×3.1 inches
Weight515 grams (body only)515 grams (body only)
Battery Life470 shots440 shots
LensesCanon EF/EF-SCanon EF/EF-S
Screen3″ LCD (Non Touch)3″ Touch screen
ViewfinderPentamirror TypePentamirror Type
FlashBuilt-in, Pop-UpBuilt-in, Pop-Up
Processor DIGIC 4DIGIC 5
Sensor18 MP CMOS18 MP CMOS Hybrid
ISO Range100-6,400 (Exp-12,800)100-12,800 (Exp-25,600)
Shutter Speed1/4000 to 30 sec. Max1/4000 to 30 sec. Max
Sensor CleaningYesYes
Autofocus9 Point, Centre Cross9 Point Continuous, All Cross
Continuous Shooting3.7 Frames/second5 Frames/second
Startup Time0.1 seconds0.1 Seconds
Video AutofocusNoYes
Price (Body only)$549$740

 Canon T3i vs T4i – Major Differences

As you must have noticed in the above comparison table, the major differences between the two models have been highlighted in red.

For more clarity, let us get into details of the main differences between the two models so that you can decide whether to go for the new model or buy Canon EOS Rebel T3i at a lesser price.

Touch Screen Interface

  • Canon T3i – 3″ Non Touch LCD Screen
  • Canon T4i – 3″ Touch Screen

Canon Rebel T4i is the first DSLR Camera to offer a Touch Screen interface. This means you can access the adjustment that you want to directly on the touch screen without having to deal with buttons and hidden menus.

In comparison, Canon Rebel T3i has a regular non touch LCD screen interface with menus accessible by buttons. However, it must be mentioned that the menu structure in Canon T3i model is really well designed and easy to use.

Larger ISO Range

  • Canon T3i – 100 ~ 6.400 (Expandable to 12,800)
  • Canon T4i – 100 ~ 12,800 (Expandable to 25,600)

Canon T4i offers a higher ISO range (100~12,800) and expandable to 25,600. Higher ISO range will allow you to shoot photos even in extremely low light conditions without having to worry about blurry and out-of-focus photos.

You need to take this enhancement into consideration only in case you are likely to be shooting in low lighting conditions. The ISO range offered by Canon T3i is wide enough for most conditions.

AutoFocus Points

  • Canon T3i – Single Point Autofocus
  • Canon T4i – Multiple 9 point Autofocus

Canon T4i offers 9 point continuous autofocus system. What this means for the end user is better image quality even while shooting moving objects like pets and children. The continuous autofocus system tracks moving objects through mutiple points and helps you capture clear images.

canon-t3i-vs-t4i - canon-rebel-t4i-AF-points

This certainly is an improvement over the single point autofocus system of the previous model and worth considering in case you are likely to come accross pets and children in your DSLR journey.

Canon T3i vs T4i – Video Autofocus

  • Canon T3i – No Video Autofocus
  • Canon T4i – Offers Video Autofocus

In simple terms, this new feature will allow you to shoot video’s with the same ease as you are used to using a Camcorder. You will be able to shift focus from your Kid to his/her friends, gifts and the birthday cake without touching any controls and without experiencing any noise.

Canon has specifically developed a new line of super quite “STM” (stepping motor) lenses to work with this feature. Canon T4i’s movie Kit Bundle is a good starting point in case you are deciding in favour of Canon T4i due to this feature.

In Camera HDR

HDR or High Dynamic Range pictures are created by capturing the same subject at varying exposure levels and then combining these images into a single (enhanced) image, using a photo-editing software.

canon t3i-vs-t4i - canon-rebel-t4i-HDR-feature

Canon T4i does this in Camera when you choose HDR mode. The camera automatically captures three frames of the subject at varying exposure levels in fast sequence when you press the shutter in HDR mode.


As mentioned above, Canon’s best selling DSLR (Rebel T3i) is now available for less, which offers a good opportunity for new users to own a quality DSLR camera for less.

For existing DSLR users, it is probably time for an upgrade.

Except for the swivel screen, there were not many new features in Canon T3i that would have convinced CanonT2i owners to go for an upgrade. However, the new features in Canon T4i might convince Canon T2i and T3i owners to go for an upgrade.

  • Available For Less – Canon EOS Rebel T3i
  • Time For Upgrade – Canon EOS Rebel T4i