Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 | Which One To Buy

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 is a popular search term due to iPad’s popularity and Amazon’s bold entry into the tablet market, offering a quality tablet at an affordable price of $199.

Amazon describes Kindle Fire as a premium product offered at a non-premium price and reviewers have billed Kindle Fire as ‘People’s Tablet’. However, is Kindle Fire really good? and how does it compare againt the mighty iPad ?.


Let us get started with a head to head comparison of the two tablets.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 Comparison Table

FeaturesKindle FireiPad 2
Size189 x 120 mm241 x 186 mm
Thickness11.4 mm9.4 mm
Weight400 grams653 grams
Screen size7 inches9.7 inches
Resolution1024 x 6001024 x 762
Pixels Per Inch169132
Processor1.2 GHZ,Dual Core1GHZ, Dual Core
Storage8GB16 GB
Battery Life8 hours10 hours
Expandable MemoryNoNo
Cloud StorageYesNo
Blue Tooth/GPSNoYes

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 Comparison in Detail

The above table provides a good summary level comprison of Kindle fire vs iPad 2. However, those who sweat over the details might find the below detailed comparison more useful.

Form Factor

  • Kindle Fire – 7.5″ x 4.7″ x 0.45 thick and 400 grams in weight
  • iPad 2 – 9.5”H x 7.31”W x 0.38” thick and 601 to 613 grams in weight.

Kindle Fire’s light weight and its smaller size make it handy, portable and perfect for holding in a single hand.

Balancing an iPad 2 in one hand while travelling, or sitting in your drawing room with the other hand engaged – say holding a mug of coffee in the other hand, is not easy.


  • Kindle Fire – 7-inch screen, 1024 by 600 display @ 169ppi
  • iPad 2 – 9.7-inch screen, 1024 by 768 display @ 132ppi

Speaking in terms of pixels, Kindle Fire ends up displaying content at 169ppi due to its smaller 7″ screen. This is slightly better than iPad’s 132ppi display. However, to the naked eye display on both devices appears more or less the same .

Kindle Fire offers chemically hardened gorilla screen which is a definite plus, iPad 2 screen comes with finger print resistant coating.

In terms of aesthetics, Kindle Fire’s screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 which is known to be film friendly and pleasing to the eye. In comparison iPad2 has a bigger 10-inch screen which is loved by iPad users and those who favour the 10-inch form factor in a tablet.


  • Kindle Fire – Available in 8GB Model
  • iPad 2 – Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models

While Kindle Fire is limited in storage, it comes with free unlimited cloud storage for all Amazon content.

Kindle Fire also allows online streaming of movies, videos and music, directly from Amazon servers – eliminating the need for storing anything on Kindle Fire.

The basic model of iPad 2 provides double the storage as that of Kindle Fire and is also available in 32 and 64 GB models at higher prices.

Operating System

  • iPad 2 – IOS5
  • Kindle Fire – Customized Android

iPad 2 operates on Apple’s dependable IOS5 operating system. With millions of iPads being sold there is hardly anything to complain about iPad’s hugely successful operating system.

Eveything on iPad runs smooth, like a well oiled machine.

Kindle Fire runs on Google’s Android system which has been heavily customized by Amazon to serve the basic function of offering seamless connectivity to Amazon’s digital content.

Processor and RAM

  • Kindle Fire – T1OMAP 4 Dual Core Processor, 512MB RAM
  • iPad 2 – Apple A5 Dual Core Processor, 512MB RAM

In terms of processing performance, the new Kindle Fire offers 1.2GHZ dual core processor, in comparison the Dual Core Apple A5 processor in iPad 2 can reach upto 1GHZ speed.

My guess is that Kindle Fire buyers would be thrilled with their lower prized tablet having the same RAM and and higher processing speed as that of an iPad 2.

Battery Life

  • Kindle Fire – 8 hours
  • iPad 2 – 10 hours

Kindle Fire’s stated battery life of 7.5 hours while supporting battery draining Flash is quite good. In comparison, iPad 2 has an impressive battery life of 10 hours without supporting flash.

Overall the battery of ipad 2 has been rated better than that of Kindle Fire.


  • Kindle Fire – No Camera
  • iPad 2 – 0.3MP and 0.7MP front and back facing camera’s

In order to reduce price, Kindle Fire comes without any Cameras. While this makes sense in a budget tablet, those looking for a full tablet experience and likely to make use of cameras for video chat and taking pictures will find the iPad 2 more appealing.

However, those who want a tablet for web browsing, videos and games are likely to be perfectly happy with a lower priced tablet without camears.

Network Access

  • Kindle Fire – WiFi Only
  • iPad 2 – Both WiFi and WiFi Plus 3G models are available

Unlike Kindle Touch and other models in Kindle Family, Kindle Fire is only avilable in WiFi version. iPad is available in both WiFi and also in 3G version at a higer price.

While more and more places are offering WiFi hotpots, 3G connection provides anytime access to the internet which can be quite useful for frequent travellers.

Access to Digital Content

  • Kindle Fire – Amazon
  • iPad2 – iTunes

Kindle Fire offers access to Amazon’s huge collection of books, magazines, over 100,000 videos comprising of movies and popular TV shows. Movies and Video’s can either be purchased or rented at competitive prices.

Kindle Fire offers most value for money with Amazon Prime membership, Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited, commercial-free streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows for a payment of just $79 per year.

iPad 2 in comparison has over 10,000 videos and 15 million songs on iTunes. iTune has over 600,000 Apps compared to limited number of Apps that are available on Amazon.

What Others Are Saying

For one-third of what I paid for the new iPad, I can accomplish 95 percent of what I want to do with a tablet” – CNET

For $199 it’s the highest-end device for the least amount of money we’ve seen. – Gizmodo


Kindle Fire is a no brainer for those who believe that a tablet is meant for basic entertainment needs and also for those who are reluctant to shell out $499 for an entry level iPad 2.