Where To Buy Kindle In Canada

I do not know if it is just me, I have seen more ‘other’ brand e-readers in Canada compared to Amazon Kindle.

I thought it is just a Canadian thing until I managed to ask one reader the reason for her choice of brand ‘X’ over Kindle.

The general reason appears to be the belief that it is more expensive for Canadians to order Kindle from Amazon compared to those living in United States.

Is Kindle More Expensive For Canadians

To confirm, I checked the price of Kindle ($109 now $89) and Kindle 3G+WiFi ($189 now $159), identifying the country of shipping as Canada.

Here is what it looks like when you complete the checkout procedure on Amazon International.


Update : Now get Kindle for less, New Kindle ($89) & Kindle 3G ($159)

As you can see, the only extra cost that you are paying compared to a buyer in USA is $9.98 for shipping & handling.

The other item, ‘import fees deposit,’ is almost similar to the 12% sales tax that you would normally pay for most purchases in Canada.

Hope this has been helpful in clearing your doubts about ordering Kindle from Amazon.

Now Kindle is Available in Canada

Yes, now you can buy the latest Generation Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite right here in Canada, without crossing the border, and that too in Canadian dollars!.

Most of the times you are likely to qualify for Free 2-day shipping and Free trial of Amazon Prime for a Month.

What About Other Kindle Models

Other Kindle models like Kindle Keyboard, Kindle DX, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire are not yet available in Canada.

This means you still need to buy them from Amazon’s international site and just follow the prompts while following these 4 steps.

1. Login to the Amazon’s international site (Amazon.com)

2. Choose your Country of residence – This will be on your right hand side  with a prompt “Live Outside the U.S.?”

3. Add your item to cart, check out and complete the transaction as with any online purchase.

4. Your Kindle should be shipped to your address in Canada within 2-4 days.

What About Amazon’s Free Shipping Offer

Amazon’s Free Shipping policy applies to addresses within United States only. 

You can save an additional $9.98 by getting your Kindle shipped to a US address. This can work in case you are travelling to USA or your friends or relatives are coming to Canada during the holiday season.  


Take it to the Beach!

Which Kindle Models Are Available For Canada

There is a great deal of confusion about which Kindle models are available for Canadians and which are not.

Below is a list of Kindle Models that are available for international shipping.

  • New Kindle WiFi Without Ads – $ 89 (USD)
  • Kindle Touch Without Ads – $139 (USD)
  • Kindle Keyboard (3G) Without Ads – $159 (USD)
  • Now Available For Canada Kindle with built-in light, Kindle Paperwhite – $139

To make this issue more clear, below is a list of Kindle models that are not available for international shipment.

  • Kindle Touch Models With Ads
  • Kindle Fire, Kindle HD7, HD8.9 and 4G Tablets
  • Kindle Paperwhite with Ads

Which Kindle Model to Go For

Kindle is Amazon’s best selling product ever, and also the most gifted item on Amazon.

No matter which Kindle model you decide to go for, you are assured of getting the best and the latest in e-reading technology.


Fits in your Pocket

For casual readers and gifting it makes sense to go for the cheapest model of Kindle which is available for $109.

Kindle4 Specs

  • Light & compact – weighs Just 6 ounces and fits in your pocket
  • Dimensions – 6.5” x 4.5” x 0.34” thin!
  • E-ink technology – The most advanced technology that delivers crisp text and images without eye strain
  • Storage – 2GB, Stores up to 1,400 books
  • Battery life – Up to one month
  • Reading Comfort – Designed for extended reading, never gets hot, fast page turns, adjustable font size

Serious readers who make notes as they are reading will find the Kindle Keyboard model more comfortable to use.

In case you are wondering, the cheaper $109 kindle model also allows you to make notes. However, the keyboard is definitely easier to use compared to working with buttons of the new kindle.

Kindle Keyboard Specs

  • Weight  – Weighs 8.5 ounces, lighter than a paperback
  • Dimensions – 7.5” x 4.8” x 0.34”
  • E-ink technology – All Kindle Models use the same revolutionary e-ink technology
  • Storage – 4GB, Stores up to 3,500 books
  • Battery life – Up to 2 months
  • Read to Me – Kindle Keyboard can read English language content out to you loud
  • Reading Comfort – Unlike a laptop Kindle never gets hot, fast page turns, adjustable font size
  • Social Integration – Built in Twitter & Facebook integration lets you share passages with friends
  • Reading Comfort – Same as above, millions of happy readers

Kindle 3G Plus WiFi model is recommended for those who travel frequently. The 3G feature will come in handy in places where a WiFi hotspot is not available.

It is worth mentioning here that you do not require a 3G or WiFi connection to read books on kindle. WiFi or 3G comes into play only when you are downloading books or borrowing them from other Kindle readers.