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Amazon terms Kindle Paperwhite as ‘the world’s most advanced e-reader’ and there is really no reason to disagree with this claim.

Kindle Paperwhite is currently the best e-reader in the market and clearly ahead of the competition due to its impressive high resolution screen, superior touch screen performance and almost flawless built-in lighting.

Kindle Paperwhite Specification Table

FeaturesKindle Paperwhite
Size6.7″ x 4.6″
Weight7.3 Ounces
Resolution212 PPI
Storage1,100 Books
Battery Life2 Months
NetworkWiFi & 3G


Kindle Paperwhite: Design

One change that you will notice in Paperwhite compared to the previous generation Kindle is its color. Paperwhite is all black in color compared to the previous generation kindle models which all came in Amazon’s standard silver metallic color.

The front design is minimalistic to the extreme, all that you can see in the front is the new Paperwhite screen encased in black bezels with a pretty Kindle Logo displayed on the bottom thick bezel.

There are no buttons on the front, in-fact Amazon has practically done away with all the buttons, except for a solitary power button hiding at the bottom of the device.


There is a micro-USB-slot for charging the device and syncing with your computer, but gone from view are the speaker grilles and the headphone jack – We are left wondering Why?

The hard plastic bezels and the back of the device are encased in a soft touch material with a grippy textured finish which really feels good to touch and provides some protection against accidental slips.

Touch Screen

A major change in Paperwhite compared to Kindle Touch and other competing touch screen e-readers is its capacitive touch screen.

Due to the nature of e-ink it was technically challenging to incorporate the touch screen technology in e-readers . Hence, Kindle Touch and other touch screen e-readers employed the infra-red technology to provide a touch-screen like interface (Technically these are not touch-screen e-readers!)

With Kindle Paperwhite you will be interacting with a real touch screen e-reader and the overall result is a pleasant one. Paperwhite  is definitely more responsive than IR based e-readers, you can clearly feel the difference while using its on-screen keyboard.

Not Just a Lighted Kindle

Kindle Paperwhite’s display is a big change and a dramatic improvement in the development of e-readers.

As Amazon rightly describes, Kindle Paperwhite is much more than just a lighted Kindle. It is a totally re-designed screen packing 62% more pixels and 25% more contrast compared to the previous generation Kindles.

Everything about the new Kindle screen is noticeably sharper due to Paperwhite’s high resolution display (1,024 x 768) and a PPI boost from 169 to 212 pixels per inch.

kindle-paperwhite-review - touch screen

The built-in lighting is simply glorious, remarkably balanced, well distributed and super easy to control using the capacitive touch screen.

Paperwhite’s virtual dimmer offers upto 24 levels of brightness to choose from, allowing even the most light sensitive eyes to feel comfortable while reading.

“I love the light! It doesn’t jump out at you. It doesn’t cause any eyestrain, it doesn’t even leave the screen,” – Bezos, CEO Amazon

Amazon claims to have spent over 2 years in perfecting its current technology that it employs in Paperwhite to ensure evenly balanced whiteness and uniformity of lighting across the entire display.

“When we set out to build this Paperwhite display, it didn’t exist. So we had to build it,” – Bezos .

E-ink Pearl Display

As with previous models of Kindle, Paperwhite relies on the same E-Ink pearl technology known for its crisp paper-like display. The only difference in Paperwhite is the capacitive touch screen layer which lies superimposed over the e-ink display.

In case you are wondering, you can still read in bright sunlight with the lighting on (see video below) and you will never find the screen too bright or the lighting distracting in any way.

As with previous models of Kindle, the device still disappears into the background as you get immersed into your reading.


Kindle Paperwhite features Amazon’s new OS, which pretty much feels like the operating system found in tablets and similar to Kindle Fire.

You can use swipes or taps to move between pages and pressing on a word allows you to access its definition via the dictionary feature.

Battery life

The battery of Paperwhite is rated to last up to 2 months on a single charge. This figure is based on an average of 30 minutes of reading per day with the built-in lights turned on and WiFi turned-off.

We need to mention here that the lighting in Kindle Paperwhite always remains ‘on’ and is not designed to be turned off. However, you can adjust the brightness to suit your taste and take it all the way down using the ‘virtual dimmer switch’ on the touch screen.

Amazon’s Ecosystem

Amazon ecosystem is simply the best and is the very reason for the success of Kindle and its Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire Tablet.

Most of the books that might be looking for are likely to be there in their Kindle Format. With Kindle Paperwhite Amazon has extended its range of offerings by bringing in children’s books and comic books designed for Kindle’s gray-scale display.

Other Features

Kindle Paperwhite also has a built-in dictionary that you can easily access by a ‘tap and hold’ on a word. You can access Wikipedia, highlight paragraphs, sentences, or passages, and share quotes on Twitter and Facebook.

There is also Amazon’s X-Ray feature that provides interesting information about characters, places and dates appearing in your reading.

Amazon has also introduced the translation feature in many languages via Microsoft’s Bing search engine.


Kindle Paperwhite is a milestone in the history of e-Readers, demonstrates Amazon’s commitment and quest for excellence in this area of its business.

Absolutely no hesitation in recommending this quality product. – Just Go for it.