Furby is Amazingly Interactive!

Furby which created a sensation during the 90’s and sold over 40 million pieces during its initial release is back again with a new design and  is more interactive than ever before.

New Furby

The new Furby looks more like a bird when you focus on its feathery body, yellow beak and large eyes.  However, unlike a bird Furby has a tail and long rabbit like ears.


The original Furby had scary plastic eyes that still haunt those who were kids during the late 90’s.

Hasbro has rightly replaced these scary eyes with large animated LCD eyes in the New Furby, this helps the Furby convey a wide range of emotions.

Furby is Amazingly Interactive

Furby’s feathery body is equipped with capacitive sensors in its belly region, the sides, back and top of the head. These sensors are very sensitive and make the toy responsive to touch.

Furby responds to almost anything: You can pet its head, talk to it, play music for it, pull its tail, feed it by pressing its tongue and so on.

Furbies even talk and interact with each other. You can place two or more Furbies next to each other and have fun watching as they interact with each other.

hurby - interactive-fun

The way this toy reacts to touch, tickles, voice and music is really amazing, you will feel as if you are interacting with a real pet.

Just like a real pet, Furbies can make sounds, talk, sing, dance, wiggle its ears, open and close its beak and convey emotions like happiness, annoyance, etc using its expressive eyes, wiggly ears and body language.

Mould Your Furby’s Personality

The way you interact and behave with Furby will influence its personality.

You can turn your Furby into a good girl who chats, sings and dances by talking to it gently, petting it and generally being nice. Then you can completely change its personality and turn it into a cranky or a crazy Furby by pulling its tail, shaking it and putting it upside down.

Furby Can Learn English

Out of the Box all Furbies are the same and speak a language called ‘Furbish’. You may need to look up a Furbish dictionary on the Furby website or download a free smart-phone app to translate Furbish into English.

However, as you start interacting with Furby it picks up English and the more you speak to Furby the more English it will learn.

No Stop Button

The Toy has no stop button which gets people worried about ending up with a non-stop chatterbox requiring full time attention.

furby-tealHasbro has addressed this issue in the new version, the new Furby will fall asleep after being ignored for about two minutes in a semi quiet room.

The Toy does not come with a remote controller either, but there is a free app that you can download to your smart-phone or a tablet.

The app lets you feed virtual foods to Furby and play games with it. It will also help you interpret Furbish so that you can understand your Furby better.


Furby is recommended for Kids 6 years and older. The keyword here is ‘older’, Hasbro believes that those who were Kids during the 90’s too will be tempted to get a Furby for nostalgic reasons.

Furby is an enjoyable toy (electronic pet) that can be a Fun for the whole family.

"Hasbro Furby"Furby Features Summary

  • Responds to touch, voice, music, and even to other Furbys
  • Speaks Furbish, But the more you play with Furby, the more English it will speak.
  • Furby App is optional and works with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone with iOS 4.2 or later
  • Pet Furby’s head, tickle its tummy, pull its tail and see what happens
  • The way you treat Furby will determine its personality
  • Available in over 12 Color choices

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