How to Disable WordPress Post Revisions

Disable Wordpress Post Revisions

Post revisions feature in WordPress can take up a lot of database space and slow down your site. However, you can easily disable WordPress post revisions or limit or limit them to […]

How to Backup WordPress Database


Making a regular backup of Wordpress database is a recommended security measure that can help you get back your website in no time in case something goes wrong and you end up damaging your Wordpress […]

How to Remove Ads From Kindle With Special offers

kindle Ad Example

This post describes how you can disable Ads on Kindle in case you have bought the ‘Ad’ supported version of Kindle and wondering how to get rid of the Ads. The Kindle Ads as explained […]

How to Recover PDF File Password

Recover PDF password

There are programs on the internet that can unlock protected PDF files. However, there might be occasions where you may want to recover the lost PDF file password and not just unlock the file. We […]

What is a Chromebook | A Look at Most Common Questions

Google Chromebooks

Chromebooks are a new breed of computers basically designed to get users on the internet as quickly as possible. With this objective, Chromebooks are essentially designed to run a web browser capable of accessing Cloud […]

Chromebooks Advantages and Disadvantages


Chromebooks are highly portable, incredibly inexpensive, and maintenance free. However, it is really important that you understand the advantages and disadvanatges of Chromebooks, before succumbing to an impulse buy. (Source: Google) Disadvantages […]

Samsung Chromebook Review

Samsung Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook is a tempting buy due to its inexpensive price, attractive build, portable size, and free productivity apps from Google. Let us get started on the review assuming that you are familiar […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Review

S4 Mini Phone

The Samsung S4 Mini phone is nearly $300 lesser than the S4, but does this also mean a cut down on the features? – Hang in with us and find out […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Review


The Samsung Galaxy S4 phone comes with stunning Super Amoled display, power packed processor, better cameras and offers some really cool advanced features. (Image source: Samsung) Size and Weight Size – 5.38″ x 2.75″ x […]